About Us

Alex Mountjoy, Founder and CEO, at home in Sonoma County, CA

The Evolution of Drink

Mountjoy beverages are a unique mix of hydration and inspiration born in Sonoma County, CA.

Since our inception in 2016, we have expanded our beverage line to include a full range of healthy alternatives to alcohol, pharmaceuticals and high-calorie drinks.— alternatives to beer, wine, hard liquor, and aperitifs.

Mountjoy 's innovation continues to this day, not just creating new drinks but entirely new drink categories. Mountjoy's Evolution of Drink represents an evolved way for us to satisfy our need for a drink in a way that feels good and is completely guilt-free.

Rochester, NY 1972

I grew up on a 40-acre farm — A world made up of the smell of mud, honeybees drinking at the pond’s edge, baking bread with my mom, and long summer days. The barn was a cave to explore, filled with the smells of alfalfa hay, the chirping of swallows, fearsome hay hooks, the shifty, pent-up, unpredictable energy of the milk goats. My bicycle was the way to get anywhere. First, a blue stingray, then a purple chopper with a five speed shifter and a sissy bar.

The well water from the kitchen faucet in the summer was deliciously cool. An oasis for a thirsty boy coming home from a bike ride to town, gulps of the best drink in the world. We’d put fresh mint in this water, in a glass gallon jug you would tip from your shoulder into your mouth. Making hay, it was our refresher.

Sebastopol, CA, 2016

For as long as I can remember, I wanted nothing more than to leave the country for the city, then I wanted nothing more but to come back. Vast, star-filled night skies like the east coast, where summers for me as a child were thick and verdant, long, then suddenly short, then over. Nevertheless, I wanted to raise my children in the country. And so, in 2003, we moved from Oakland to the countryside in Sebastopol.

By 2016, our sons were teenagers, hating chores as all kids do. There was splitting wood, bringing it in, starting the fire and the chore I always talked up, making the sparkling water. It became romanticized (for me, not the kids), rooted in the aesthetic of our family and in the outdoors-rich place where we we lived. Making the family sparkling water for the week wasn’t fun for the kids, but it was rewarding. We shared how it twinkled on the tongue, how it let go its energy into our bodies, how it was restorative, meaningful, and precious. That was in the garage. That was the beginning.

Mountjoy Sparkling Today

Mountjoy Sparkling is a drink born of necessity and the love for all things fresh and bubbly. The addition of our proprietary infusions make Mountjoy Sparkling all the more delicious, healthy and a game changing part of everyday wellness. We are thrilled to share it with the world.

Let's Evolve

Sometimes we evolve by happy circumstance. At other times, change is pressed upon us. As our lives are roiled in this time of pandemic, and things fall apart, other things come together. Mountjoy's mission is to eradicate guilt, through innovative alternatives to alcohol and high-calorie drinks. Because balancing happiness and health is a shared struggle now more than ever. And lucidity and thoughtful communication and generosity to our fellow human beings is today more important than it has ever been.