Drink Less Alcohol

I like to drink.  But I don’t like what it does to me.  You get what I mean.

A drink takes the edge off, but I'm not, by any definition, an alcoholic. Most of us are like this.  You like the way alcohol feels, you want it, but know well how the downsides outweigh the upsides.  You’d rather not feel crappy in the morning.  You’d rather not fall asleep on the couch at night.  You’d rather be nice to everyone always, remember everything in the morning and have no regrets.  The person you are when you’re drinking is not the best you.   


I do things that help me feel happy and blunt the desire for alcohol: exercise, play music, work less, and drink Mountjoy Sparkling.


If Mountjoy Sparkling is the solution for people wanting to cut back on alcohol, how did it come to be?  Was this perfect solution designed explicitly for the noble purpose it found?


It was.  I was listening to NPR on the car radio.  An author was being interviewed about a pamphlet (or a book, I don’t remember) he wrote during the 60’s (70’s?) called “Learning How to Smoke Pot”.  Honestly, I don’t even think that was the actual title.  Several times since I’ve looked it up online to no avail.


Be that as it may, “Learn” in the title captured my attention.  I’m a good student.  I like to learn.   Here, suggested the title, was a drug you had to learn to enjoy.  How interesting!  I thought.  Other drugs you either like or you don’t.  This one, on the other hand is worth putting in the time for, like fine art, perhaps, or wine or dance, worth learning how to enjoy.


So I tried pot, and found it did help me cut back on alcohol.  It also made me feel motivated, level-headed and in top form physically.  But I didn’t like to smoke.  I didn’t like to vape.  I didn’t want pills, candy nor tinctures.  I wanted a drink, darn it.  And as I loved sparkling water very much since forever, I wanted a sparkling water – calorie free, chilled to ice temperature, and with the most bubbles ever — Mountjoy Sparkling’s addition of CBD.


There are many, many reasons why people love our products.  I drink Mountjoy Sparkling CBD throughout the day, and it’s not because I would be drinking alcohol otherwise.  I love the taste, for one thing, and fresh, finely made sparkling water with lots of bubble-energy.  And I love that it calms me down, fills me up, gets me to take a breath, makes my pain go away.  It tends to do for you what you want it to do.  And it does it right away.  With the first sip.



-Alex Mountjoy, CEO