Ing Evolution of Drink - 750ml CBD

Ing Evolution of Drink - 750ml CBD

Ing - Evolution of Gin - CBD - 200 ml Hip flask

Evolved from gin and carrying forward the best of its traits, and leaving behind the downsides, Mountjoy's Ing is a 1-for-1 alternative that can be enjoyed neat, over ice or mixed in your favorite gin cocktail. 

Not a gin replacement, but a gin-evolved.  Ing is part of a whole new category of beverage, to which time, and happensatance and changing world tastes, needs and values have given rise.  

We like to drink alcohol.  It satisfies age-old needs, and brings us together.  But we don't like what it does for us. Could there not be an answer other than abstinence?  An alternative that carries forwrad the good trains, and leaves behind the bad? It's Ing. It's an alternative to alcoholic drink. 

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  • Use 1-for-1 in all your gin recipes
  • Plant-powered / no alcohol
  • 0 calories - 0 sugars - 0 carbs
  • 17 servings per bottle (1 jigger = 1 1/2 oz)
  • Fast-acting
  • Zero Hangover
  • 170 mg naturally-occurring CBD per bottle

Let's Evolve

Why do sober bars exist?  Why is there a sober movement happening now? 

It's not abstinence, the resistence, denial, hypocritically more often than not, of inherent human needs and core emotions.  The sober movement is not a glib "just say no" thing.  It's evolution. 

The Evolution of Drink

Ing has the taste of gin and is used in the same way, to take the edge off and bring people together.  It fills the same "having a drink together" function in society as its alcohol-containing ancestor, but with none of the downsides, and if the goal is "happiness" and "friendship" and "truth", then Ing offers arguably better results. 

No Regrets

Plant-derived and calorie-free, Ing gets its energy not from alcohol but from full-spectrum hemp extract, which is naturally rich in CBD.  One jigger of Ing is the equal of one jigger of gin, and can be used 1-for-1 in any gin cocktail.  With Ing, you feel the effects right away, and you enjoy the comforting, familiar and satisfying having a drink, but without the downsideds - the mild-guilt, the gentle regret, of alcohol. 

It Just Makes So Much Sense

We didn't so much invent Ing as be present as it came into being.  We were the site of creation.  And it was meant to be, or at least it feels that way. 

Having Ing in the house makes it to drink less and be a better friend, spouse, or parent as a result.  Time together over a drink means honest, alert, and meaningful time, time that you will remember in the morning.  That's what the sober movement is all about - communicating better, feeling better about who we are and what we can do.  Let's evolve.

More Information
More Information
Flavor Gin
Hip Flask or Bottle? 750 ml
Brand Yer Hiskwey et al.


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