Mountjoy Extra Sparkling

FEED HEALTHY HABITS - With a fresh, bright taste, 0 calories and fast-acting NanoTonic hemp extract.

CELEBRATE YOUR SPARKLY - When you cocktail with Extra Sparkling, you'll feel good all night, and in the morning too. Yum!

PURE AND COMPLETE - Three simple ingredients. Carbonated water, natural flavoring, 50 mg Nanotonic hemp extract.

I MADE THIS! - Hands-on is how each bottle of Extra Sparkling is made; with pride is how we share it with you.

LET OUR INSPIRATION INSPIRE YOUR EVOLUTION - Founded in 2016, Mountjoy is California's leading innovator of healthy beverage alternatives.

Extra Sparkling is the natural evolution of the aperitif. Non-alcoholic, powered by plant extracts, it's the equivalent of a glass of wine or cordial. Serve chilled, over ice, or mixed into your favorite cocktail.


The need to take the edge off is human. With Mountjoy, our options for doing so become a whole lot better. Into the space where alcoholic drink falls short, Mountjoy beverages has evolved.


1 for 1 equivalence. One glass of Mountjoy Extra Sparkling is equivalent to one glass of wine or aperitif. Serve chilled, on the rocks, or enlivened with a squeeze of wine or a dusting of fresh-ground nutmeg and a bit of simple syrup. Feel the effects right away, and feel good afterward knowing that Mountjoy Extra Sparkling is ALL GOOD.


With Extra Sparkling, what feels good is also good for you. Finding opportunities like this makes encouraging good behavior easy. Mountjoy's evolved beverages help you eae the daily struggle just a bit by combining short term reward with gain that extends through the night and into the morning and new day.

BAR ESSENTIAL - Like farm-fresh vegetables, Extra Sparkling enlivens anything you make. Enjoy chilled, on the rocks or mixed into your favorite cocktail. Add a squeeze of lime, or muddle fresh mint with simple syrup in the bottom of a glass; add ice and Extra Sparkling. Ta da! Extra Sparkling is a natural.

I MADE THIS! - I position the bottles for filling. I load the liquid ingredients. I check the cap of each bottle to be sure it's secure, then place the bottle in the labeler. Hands-on with pride is how each bottle of Extra Sparkling is made, and it is with pride that we share it with you.


Throughout human history, innovation has been driven by communication. Lowering barriers to understanding one another is Mountjoy's mission.
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