Mountjoy Sparkling CBD Black Cherry 16 oz 6 Pack


Black Cherry flavor - 6 Pack

Delicious unsweetened cherry flavor. Dry, tart and sophisticated. A yummy back-of-tongue experience.

A unique mix of hydration and inspiration, born in Sonoma County, CA. We use extracts from organically-grown hemp flower — the premium part of the plant. Rich in naturally-occurring CBD.

  • 0 Calories | 0 Sugars | 0 Carbs
  • Fast Acting
  • Full Spectrum
  • Natural Flavors
  • Convenient | Resealable
  • Contains CBD 10 mg / Bottle
  • Powered by NanoTonic

Slender bottle is lightweight, fits in purse or pocket, and is non-breakable. And our resealable cap lets you save the sparkle.

Infused with a full spectrum NanoTonic extraction of hemp — naturally rich in CBD.

You won't find a more convenient, healthy and delicious way to get your CBD than Mountjoy Sparkling CBD Sparkling Water.