Mountjoy Sparkling CBD Hemp Drink

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Mountjoy Sparkling is pure, delicious infused bubbly water -the healthiest alternative to sugary sweet and high carb beverages. We start with ice cold sparkling water, add a hint of natural flavor and then just the right amount of our full spectrum CBD extract from industrial hemp. The result is a great-tasting, guilt-free, zero-calorie beverage that delivers all the healing benefits of CBD in a convenient resealable bottle you can take with you wherever you go and sip on all day long. 

  • Full-spectrum extraction
  • Nano-technology
  • Rapid absorption 
  • Zero calorie
  • Natural flavors 
  • Organically sourced
  • Near-freezing carbonation
  • No sugars • No carbs • No fats 

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"I’m officially happily hooked on Mountjoy CBD!! I am so thrilled with the benefits. I’m thinking of bringing it to my neurologist and telling him about my decreased headaches! My daughter also wants to try using daily.... Please let me know how to go about setting this up for recurring payments/delivery.”

— a happy customer