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Invest in Mountjoy Sparkling

Get In on the Ground Floor

Investors in Mountjoy Enterprises, Inc. gain exposure to one of the hottest trends in the food/beverage space — CBD.  And they do so with a category-leading product, outstanding management and a company with a proven track record.  Although Mountjoy Enterprises has grown tremendously in a very short time, we still offer individual investors the opportunity to get a piece of the early action.  If you're an accredited investor (net +worth over a million, for example) or a fund manager, we encourage you to take a close look at this early-stage investment opportunity that offers both high-value, low risk and huge potential upside. 

A Quick History

Mountjoy led the trend in CBD beverages with the introduction of our first three flavors in April of 2018 — Peach, Orange and Natural.  Unlike most brands who begin small scale, selling to local stores, with our sights set on rapid growth we started right away shipping by pallets to well-established beverage distributors.  By November of 2018 we were shipping by the truckload and had already established over 500 accounts in three states: Washington, California and Florida.  By April of 2019, we had inked distribution deals in Missouri, Georgia and South Carolina and Oregon, with pending deals in many more states.  As for meeting demand, we have it covered with our own bottling facility in Petaluma Califonia and strategically-placed co-packers.  We have sales teams on both coasts led by beverage industry veterans who continue to bring us new distribution deals every month.  

Proven Product  

Mountjoy Sparkling CBD is the original hemp-derived zero calorie sparkling water CBD beverage with national distribution.   Mountjoy Sparkling CBD contains not a CBD isolate but a full-spectrum extract of the hemp plant, making it fast-acting and effective, great tasting, and legal everywhere.  Made using our own proprietary extraction method, Mountjoy Sparkling CBD bests all other brands on both taste and effect.  Nano technology means you feel the effects right away;  and zero calories/zero carbs/zero sugars means you're doing you body only good. 

Proven Leadership

Founder and CEO Alex Mountjoy brings decades of experience in product design, manufacturing, sales and distribution to Mountjoy Sparkling.  Mountjoy Sparkling's current 8,000 square foot facility counts as Alex's 5th factory built.  The sales and distribution infrastructure is his 4th.  And the product is his 21st.  A proven leader with broad expertise, Alex provides the bedrock of been-there done-that which has been instrumental in Mountjoy Enterprises success to date. 

Proven Success

Ask anyone who's tried Mountjoy Sparkling CBD  what they think.  Talk to one of our distributors or retailers and they'll tell you how it sells.  Look at our distribution footprint and see what we've accomplished in such a short time.  


If you are an accredited investor or fund manager, please contact us to learn more about investment opportunities.