Quileta - Evolution of Tequila - 200 ml Hip Flask

  • 1-for-1 alcohol evolution of tequila
  • Plant-powered / no alcohol
  • 0 calories - 0 sugars - 0 carbs
  • Fast-acting
  • Zero hangover
  • 4 drinks / 200 ml
  • 45 mg naturally-occurring CBD per bottle

Four Evolved Cocktails

Each 200 ml Quileta yields four evolved cocktails, in a stylish glass hip flask that's fun to carry and more fun to produce. 

What to do with it

Mix it up!   Quileta evolved from Tequila.  There are echoes of its ancestor; you can trace the evolutionary path.  But Quileta is its own thing. 

Enjoy neat, over ice, or mixed in your favorite tequila cocktail.  Because Quileta is a 1-for-1 descendent of its alcoholic ancestor, the society, situations, moods, recipes and motifs you associate with tequila work can happen Quileta as well, effortlessly.

How Fun!

A flask is a fun thing.  But a flask full of tequila, that you take a slug of when no one's looking?  That's not really something we see ourselves doing, though there's an undeniable style to it, and rich vintage revererations.  

But now, a flask of Quileta.  How fun!  Imagine pulling out a flask at a party, and pour it into your lemonade — how fun!  Function meets flask-style at last, with the Evolution of Drink.



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