Yer Hiskwey Evolution of Drink - 750ml CBD

Yer Hiskwey Evolution of Drink - 750ml CBD

What is Yer Hiskwey? 

Descended from Rye Whiskey, Yer Hiskwey has the familiar, rich flavor of its ancestor but derives its strength and elegance not from alcohol but from a full-spectrum extract of hemp, which is rich in CBD.

Drink neat, over ice or mixed in your favorite cocktail.  Yer Hiskwey is a 1-for-1 alcohol-alternative that is easy to incorporate into your experience of life. 

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  • Use 1-for-1 in all your whiskey cocktail recipes
  • Plant-powered / no alcohol
  • 0 calories - 0 sugars - 0 carbs
  • 17 servings per bottle (1 jigger = 1 1/2 oz)
  • Fast-acting feel good
  • Keep straight
  • Wake up feeling great
  • 170 mg naturally-occurring CBD per bottle

The Evolution of Drink

Looks like rye whiskey.  Tastes like rye whiskey.  Use like rye whiskey. why?

Yer Hiskwey fills an age-old human need to take the edge off at the end of the day, and come together with others.  Alcoholic drink had this niche sewed up for millenia.  But today, a combination of cultural change and technological advancements at Mountjoy made a whole new category of drink possible, and Yer Hiskwey moved in, and thrived. 

Rituals and Community

We like to drink alcohol.  But we hate what it does to us.  This is a universal and age-old part of the human experience.  The need for a break, to eat or drink something to make life more bearable is common across all of humanity, as is the ritual of drinking as a social activity.  We get together over a drink.  It facilitates communication, and better communication — true, heartfelt, considerate and consistent — is better for us all. 

Combatting Guilt Worldwide

Misbehaving leads to misunderstandings.  Acting out leads to regrets.  Enthusiasm, unless alloyed with self-awareness, can be destabilizing, destructive to relationships and counter-productive to individual goals.  

It's not bad to get a little crazy sometimes.  But oftentimes, with alcoholic drink, doing so entails a certain amount of eventual regret and guilt.  Small guilt, perhaps, having to do with calories, or hangover.  And for many of us, at many times, it's a small, and acceptable price to pay.  Nevertheless, the downsides of alcholic drink create pressure, and pressure in nature creates opportunities.  Where there's a niche, in time it shall be filled.

Let's Evolve

Evolved from whiskey, but not a whiskey substitute, Yer Hiskwey is much more than a non-alcoholic drink.  It's a new answer, carving out a new space, one that could not be ignored or avoided.  It had to be. 

Rich in CBD, made from extract of hemp, enjoy Yer Hiskwey 1-for-1 just as you would regular whiskey.  A shot of whiskey (1 1/2 oz) equals a shot of Yer Hiskwey (10 mg CBD).  Fast acting, satisfying, guilt free and zero calorie, Yer Hiskwey has a natural, and compelling place in one's mind, daily routine and home.  

  • 750 ml bottle contains 17 jiggers or servings. 
  • Enjoy neat, over ice or mixed in your favorite cocktail.
  • Naturally rich in CBD.
More Information
More Information
Flavor Rye Whiskey
Hip Flask or Bottle? 750 ml
Brand Yer Hiskwey et al.


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