Yer Hiskwey Evolution of Drink - 200ml Hip Flask

Yer Hiskwey Evolution of Drink - 200ml Hip Flask

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Yer Hiskwey Evolution of Drink Hip Flask

Let's Evolve

Yer Hiskwey is your new 1-for-1 companion for the end of day. So easy to make a great-tasting drink, Yer Hiskwey gives the comfortable, familiar social forms having a drinkgetting together for a drinkcome over for a drink even I need a drink new meaning. 

Needing a drink is as much about process as about chemical.  The ritual of mixing a cocktail feels satisfying, and is comfortingly familiar.  Pouring out two glasses of a feel-good beverage, and toasting whatever small joy of the day is beneficial to the soul.  In many ways, alcohol just gets in the way. 

If having a drink together is a social experience, then the better we communicate, the more we are true to ourselves, and the more aware of what we are hearing from others, and of course the more cheered and relaxed we are, the better.  Mightent there be times, then, when alcohol just gets in the way? 

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  • 1-for-1 alcohol alternative for all your whiskey cocktail recipes
  • Plant-powered / no alcohol
  • 0 calories - 0 sugars - 0 carbs
  • Fast-acting
  • Zero hangover
  • 4 drinks / 200 ml
  • 45 mg naturally-occurring CBD per bottle

Mix it Up

Sometimes you simply don't feel like taking on the burden of an alcohlic drink.  You want it, but you don't want what it does to you.  There's the good feeling, but there's the guilt too, which is longer-lasting and of many shades.  These feelings are part of the human condition, common across all cultures and ages, and enduring.  We want a drink, but we want to drink less.  Then Yer Hiskwey evolved. 

What Whiskey Would Become

Descended from whiskey, Yer Hiskwey represents the evolution of drink — the communal and personal satisfaction of having a drink with none of the downsides.  Not simply a non-alcohlic whiskey, Yer Hiskwey is different, in some ways smarter, in some ways more, and in many crucial ways, less.

  • No hangover
  • Zero calories
  • Sane, compassionate and guilt-free
More Information
More Information
Flavor Rye Whiskey
Hip Flask or Bottle? 200 ml
Brand Yer Hiskwey et al.


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